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12 Days Tanzania Birding Tours

Tanzania Birding Tours


From Arusha National park, Manyara National Park, Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park with birdlife explorer is the great exposure. The bird lovers special tour, we are passionate on birds. Frankly speaking birds are beautiful. We are looking to explorer hundreds of bird species for your family. Encounter the conscious Ploceus spectacled species such are baglafecht, vitalise masked, lesser masked and black headed weavers, water birds, the giant ostrich, flamingos and more. The glory be to the Almighty God of heaven and earth for the habitation of more than 1200 bird species in Tanzania.


The are more than 400 bird species in Arusha National Park. Variety of herons, ducks, waders, flamingos, pelicans and little grebe. You can have options canoe safari over the lake Momella to have breathtaking views of birdlife. Flamingos are common on the lake.

Experience the Meru crater with Cliff nesting raptors like Verreaux's eagle, auger buzzard and bearded vulture. Explore the beautiful green vegetation made of ferns trees, fig trees arch and tall trees offer beautiful view to hartlaubs turaco, white and black colobus and birdlife.

Ngurdoto crater is a beautiful caldera of 3 km wide and 400m deep. Stunning safaris in the Lush fantastic crater for Birdlife lover to encounter augur buzzard, verreaux's eagle and hundreds of small species.

In the late evening driving back for accommodation with Egyptian Geese, Macoa ducks, Hotentot teal, sighting fire finches, variable sun-birds, Bulbuls, Olive Thrush, Comb duck and many unusual waders beside the roads. Out of our passion meet herds of buffalos, troops of colobus and blue monkey, Warthog, baboons and antelopes.

Lake Manyara National Park have 450 bird species you can see about 100 species per one day, ranging from the variety of colourful barbets, bee-eaters, kingfishers, flocks of flamingos, gigantic ground hornbill, white backed, pelicans, yellow-bellied stock and pink back pelican in the wet season. Unforgettable experience with crowned eagle at the gate entrance, drive southward to the hot springs encounter African fish eagle, owl African hawk eagle resting on the rocks and stumps.

In the next day we are going explore more birdlife species like Palm nut vulture, Pangani long claw, Ash starling, Gray-headed, Peters twinsport, Raptors, Silvery-cheeked hornbill, spotted morning thrush and more. Our passions is to explore bird life but we must see buffalos, Cape clawless otter, cheetahs, Egyptian mongoose, elephants, giraffes, hippos, impalas, lions, short-eared galago and leopard if we are lucky today.

Endemic chasing is priorities for bird lovers in Serengeti for instance DAnauld barbet and the grey crested helmet shrike. Small bird are good lilac-breasted rollers.

Hundreds of flamingos across Moru Koppies, hippo pool and on lake Magadi.

In the next days, Flamingos in the lake Magadi fed by river Mbalageti. Birds grey throated spur fowl, red throated spur fowl, king fischers love bird in the woodlands, across Seronera River. Ruffs tailed weavers, massive ostrich is very large and common. Floured by the various butterfly species plus the plenty of animals.

Over 500 species of bird have been recorded within the NCA. These include ostrich, white pelican, and greater and lesser flamingo on Lake Magadi within the crater, Lake Ndutu where a vast bird population can be observed. Experience the breathtaking scenery inside the crater to explore the marvel of big five animals. The black rhino looks for accommodation inside the crater.

Tarangire is the great points for birdlife lovers with around 500 bird species, the wide range of immigrants residents raptors includes bateleur, fish eagle, palm nut vulture and more.

Acacia birds are yellow-necked spur fowl, orange bellied parrot, barefaced go-away birds, red fronted barbet. Drive across the river to spot the saddle � billed, yellow-bellied stocks and many water birds. Dry country bird species like vulturine Guinea fowl, pink breasted lark, mouse coloured penduline tit, northern pied babbler and Donaldson smiths nightjar.

Easiest place to observe a pair of bird species endemic to the dry heartland of central Tanzania, the lovely yellow collared lovebird and drabber Ashy Starling. Nkungero pool is a good location for gerenuk.

In the early morning and late evening experience the marvel bird sounds. Natural water features provide a haven for bird life including numerous species of bulbuls, weavers, bee-eaters, sun birds, wagtails, shrikes, mouse birds, plovers, guinea fowl and hornbill.

Wildlife has been seen in the surrounding area, including the elusive aardvark, dick-dicks, bush pig, and African serval.

We can also do horse/camel safari around here.

With a great welcome again big smile after this great experience with birds and wildlife excursions. We are going to the airport with you. Thank you for your confirmation to come back again. We continue to take care of you even after reaching back to your house.

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