7 Days Budget Safari Tanzania

7 Days Budget Safari Tanzania

7 Days Budget Safari Tanzania


Sleeping under canvas, eating under stars, camping offer more holistic and integrated safari experience than hotels, designed to keep the wilderness at bay especially at darker. You are going to enjoy wild sounds for 4 nights in the dark wildness of wildlife.


Get up early morning to enjoy the breakfast at 6:30 am for around 7:30am meet your professional, well experienced and passionate driver guide for 120km drive to Tarangire National Park. Start your game watching from the gate entrance, you get wild songs for warmup from red fronted barbet, yellow-necked spurfowl, orange bellied, fish eagle the few to mention out of 500 bird species. You head to explore the focal point of wanyama pori (wildlife) targeting to meet elephants, buffalos and zebra at this Tarangire river banks. Explore elephants feeding from big branches of acacia woodland trees or may be scratching their body on the baobab trees. Learn elephant behaviours from your guide, for resistance on why female elephants are called god mother. All because female elephants takes orphan calves to their territory, female elephants supports their calves even when they got adulthood. Again you move southward to spy giraffe, zebra, eland, kudu, and rare leopards around the southern plain. Enjoy hippo wallowing in the muddy at Mbungero-hippopotami pools then round back to spy cheetah, love birds and guineafowl. Feel the cool breathtakingly healing of your soul when in this wild with plenty of oxygen as Tarangire preserve a classic chunk of dry savannah studded with plenty of giant ancient Baobab trees and colonial Dwarf mongoose. Overnight where birds sounds awakes you earliest morning.

Lake Manyara is a wild of lions climbing trees, pink and white flamingos. The best birding site in the northern circuit, here you must see pink-hued flamingos, storks to eagles and barbet. Top trees walking safari is an added adventure. The gates are open from 6:30am, awake early to breakfast for early morning wildlife stirring in this lush forest. From the gate entrance enjoy cool, lush and mature groundwater forest and baboons hopping from one branch of tree to another at the morning time. You stopped over at the Soda lake covered by flamingos feeding algae into the lake. In here drop from your jeep to stretch one leg for you to take photos and disturbing the storks of flamingo for more adventures. Your drive is towards the tangled Acacia woodlands to spy the vibes of lions climbing trees, zebra, Thomson's gazelles running away from predators, eland, giraffe feeding leaves on high tree top branches, elephants, leopards and high dense population of birds. Later on you go forward to the northern floodplain, where a series of small pools on Mtu Wa Mbu river spying variety of birds. Explore the hot springs and the big herds of zebra and wildebeests. Occasional warthog, impala, gazelle and giraffe may also be sported in here.

Enjoy your breakfast early morning and depart to Serengeti National Park via Olduvai Gorge to evidence the existence of human evolution, millions of years ago-Zinjanthropus boisei. Olduvai Gorge is a 100m George preserving continuous archaeological and fossil record of life on the plains over past 2 millions years. Physical features of Serengeti (Maasai word literally endless plains) are open grasslands but otherwise acacia woodlands studded with isolated lock hills of granites called Koppies. There are small lakes and perennial rivers such as Seronera, Grumeti and Mara river. On the Ngorongoro road to Serengeti warmup with several pride of lions on the Simba Koppies, cheetah and perhaps leopards but don't bother you approach Seronera valley. Take your picnic lunch into the bush after then explore thousands of zebra herds and hundred thousands of wildebeests and other big mammals on the savannah plains. You reach the Seronera area and overnight at Katikati tented lodge. There are optional value added on services such as balloon safari and flight to Arusha in case of any emergency.

Today you have a cup of coffee early morning and depart for game viewing across Seronera valley where you can see flamingos flying over lake Magadi a shallow soda lake with plenty of birds species normally flamingos eating algae inside. This is a focal sighting to leopard ,cheetah while hippos wallowing into the muddy Retina hippo pool. You might be lucky to behold cheetah climbing the roof of your safari jeep but be carefully and may be lions can take their tail at the door of your car but never happen with leopards who hide themselves into the bushes. Tough exploration in the savannah wild you may enjoy see cheetah adventures-the fastest animal in the wild, taking prey from impala troops, you might spot lioness from hunting. After about 3 hours game drive break shortly to take your picnic brunch from professional cooks at 11:00am, after brunch take your luggage into 4x4 land cruiser again. Then departs with enroute game spying, with birds songs, and may be wildebeests migration and or calving in the southern plain. Late afternoon visit Maasai Boma to spy Maasai living style, learn Maasai cultures, spying nomadic cattle headers in their ways of life. There are black rhino in Serengeti hiding themselves into the bushes of Moru Koppies, if you are lucky you might enjoy see them in here if not tomorrow you can espy the black rhinos of Ngorongoro Crater. At late evening arrive at the rim of Ngorongoro Crater for hot dinner and overnight at Simba Campsite or you can opt to overnight at Rhino lodge after taking your sunset photo on the crater view.

Immerse yourself into Ngorongoro crater, the garden of wildlife. The Ngorongoro crater is world largest caldera and amazing big five territory. Enjoy the wildlife adventures from black mane lion, buffalo and large tuskers, all are looking most beautiful compared to what you have see in Serengeti. Ngorongoro is the best place you might explore the black rhinoceros and leopard in the Lerai forest inside the crater. Explore the giant African ostrich, flamingos, pelicans and little grebe. Encounter with large herds of wildebeest and zebra in their adventures. The fox black rhino are regularly finds their habitats in this magical stunning landscapes of the crater. About 6 hours is more than enough time for game drive in the crater as it is recommended by the government authority concerning. Around 1:00am you are outing of the crater with enroute game watching to Arusha via Maasai markets. You are going to Arusha town after 5 days of enjoying the wilderness.


  • Tour duration: 5 days of activities in the national parks
  • Start: Kilimanjaro Airport/ Arusha airport
  • End: Kilimanjaro Airport/ Arusha airport

Destinations: Tanzania

  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Serengeti
  • Tarangire
  • Lake Manyara.


  • 2 nights at a hotel in Arusha
  • 2 nights at Fanaka
  • 1 night at Seronera
  • 1 night at Simba campsite

Safari extension:

This tour can be extended with 8 days Kilimanjaro mountain trekking via Lemosho route to be 13 days tour.

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