Tanzania Family safari

7 Days Tanzania Family safari

Tanzania Family safari


Marvel experience of wildlife adventures comfort in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park. In a full guided gamedrive we lead you to induce the peace of mind for your family in the heart of raw wilderness of world greatest superb natural wonders.


Encounter Serengeti National Park for wildlife migrations, Ngorongoro Crater for big five animals, breathtaking nature of the crater, greener and cooler climatic and lake Manyara for birdlife, lions climbing trees and pink hued flamingos.


Serengeti means the endless plains of savannah grasslands as it is translates from the Maasai vernacular. Balloon safari offering the eagle eye stunning view over Serengeti plains.


The excitement of the kids will make a 4:00 am wake-up call fade into insignificance as you depart with coffee in hand for a sunrise balloon safari (available to children aged 7 and above). Taking flight over the Serengeti Plains, your balloon master, will lower you to tree-height and soar through the air on this unforgettable adventure that is famous for its animal sightings, particularly the herds of buffalo. After landing, enjoy a champagne breakfast and re-live every moment of your aerial experience.


Our driver guides await from the balloon craft for lunch and afternoon gamedrive in the central Serengeti.


Enroute gamedrive back to you lodge for shower, dinner and overnight.

Wherever the wildebeest migration is in southern, central or northern Serengeti. We will lead you there. Depends on your season of holidays whether may to July for great wildebeests migration or December to April for wildebeests caving and local migration of wildlife.

May to July

The great migration can start any time from early May to early June with the herds of more than one million migrating animals marching to about 800km in a braying column of up to 40km long, one of the most impressive spectacle in the world. The Grumeti river is a major obstacle facing this magical migration crossing the western Corridor which typically occur in from June to early July. Great many animals dies due to high population of crocodiles and other predators. It takes more than two weeks to cross the river.

December to April

The plains that stretch from southeast of Seronera into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is concentrated on Ndutu area. Many minor migrations of wildlife toward the Ndutu plains for calving. Note that Central Serengeti is a stunning part of Serengeti of all time where we find Lake Magadi, retina hippo pool, two perennial Seronera river, visitor information centres, picnic area and coffee shops. We can spots many animals and different bird species. The southern parts composed of Ndutu short grass savannah plains, the rocky hills named Koppies are good sight for non plain wildlife like lion, leopard, klipspringer, rock agama, thrushes, hyrax and mocking chat. Most interesting Simba Koppies lion habitation, Golf Koppies lion and cheetah habitation, Morukoppies for lion habitation. We can conclude that the right choice to parts of Serengeti are the southern from December to may, the western Corridor from May to July, Lobo Area October and November. Some changes may be due to the seasonal rains delay.

Enroute gamedrive to the Crater rim while sporting animals then inter Maasai village to exploit the culture of real Maasai in the wild. Overnight on the crater rim to have impressive view over the great Ngorongoro crater.

The global natural wonder, the world�s largest caldera, great geographical magnificent and the natural sanctuary of the African large mammal. Olduvai Gorge is the main focal point for tourism in world because is here to finds the early human hominid fossils and footprints. Black fox wild animal the black rhino, elephant, hippo, giraffe, lions, leopards, cheetah, antelopes, bush buck, zebra, buffalo are mainly find their shelter here.

You have more than happy and experienced the marvel of great safari to Tanzania.

With a Safari Passport full of stamps, prepare for the final mini game drive to Arusha Airstrip as a final chance to see the incredible Kilimanjaro mountain features on departure.

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