5 Misconceptions About Tanzania And Why They Are Wrong!

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Tanzania is one of the most welcoming countries in the world for tourists, but there are several delusion and myths that you might have heard which are not true.

Tanzania is one of the most welcoming countries in the world for tourists, but there are several delusion and myths that you might have heard which are not true. These misconceptions are stronger in the west, especially in the United States.

Various reasons led to the strengthening of misconceptions such as wars, diseases, genocide, poverty & various other factors took place in the past in this continent.  

To know the reality about Tanzania, you have to book your Tanzania Safari Holidays with Rhino Explorer and go for a nice & joyful ride to Tanzania where our guide will tell you about the realities of Tanzania in great detail.

Just take a look at these delusions that are given below:-


Travelling To Tanzania Is Not Safe


Travelling To Tanzania Is Not Safe

Numerous people might have an idea about Africa & especially Tanzania that the continent, as well as the country, is some of the dangerous places in the world to visit. Anyway, Africa as a continent is made up of 54 countries including Tanzania. The best way to get rid of these misconceptions is by traveling to Africa & enjoying the Tanzania Safari Tours as well as connecting with the locals by talking and socializing with them including your guide.


Zanzibar Is Its Own Country


Zanzibar Is Its Own Country

This is another big misconception that you must have to erase from your mind. Zanzibar is not a country, but a part of Tanzania. It is a group of islands that are located off Tanzania’s Eastern Coast on the edge of the Indian Ocean. With the help of Zanzibar Tours, you will not only get to explore the beaches but can also stroll the streets of Stone town and can also visit the birthplace of Freddy Mercury, who was a British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. Furthermore, you can also visit numerous iconic buildings here that were constructed in the 19th century with coral stone.


Tanzania Is Underdeveloped and Dirty


Tanzania Is Underdeveloped and Dirty

Your false illusion about Tanzania will die down as soon as you enter the modern cities of Tanzania such as soon as you enter the outskirts of Dar es Salaam which is also the country’s biggest city & commercial capital. By going for a trip of this active metropolis of business, color & life, you can also visit Arusha which is a flourishing city through our safari tours to clear out all further doubts.


Tanzania Is Infested With Diseases


Tanzania Is Infested With Diseases

This is the next big lie that you must have to silence forever. Tanzania is not infested with the disease as it sounds when it is said so by different types of people in the world who have never been to this amazing continent. Previously, some diseases were rampant in all of Africa including Tanzania but with availability & accessibility of new medical facilities, vaccinations, and medications as well as numerous prevention measures, the situation is coming under control. Now, there are vaccinations for diseases like Malaria & yellow fever with several others.


There Is Snow Leopard on the Summit of Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro National Park

There is no snow leopard on the summit of Kilimanjaro as it is one of the oldest myths to scare the hell out of people. In reality, wild animals like the gentle elephants are found in the plains of the Kilimanjaro National Park and numerous other forms of rare animals are found in the lower slopes of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Furthermore, no animal can be able to survive the high altitude conditions and thin air which is widespread on the summit of Kilimanjaro.


Throwing Lights on A Certain Misconception About This Beautiful Place


Due to lack of good publicity & knowledge, there are numerous delusions about Tanzania & entire Africa in general so by visiting Tanzania during your holidays and gathering more & more knowledge about them is the only way to get rid of those bad images that people from all other parts of the world have for Tanzania in the mind. 


Exploring the Beautiful Destination of Tanzania with Rhino Explorer


The guides provided by Rhino Explorer are highly skilled, talented and professionals to the core. They also have years of experience that enables them to know properly what the travelers want to watch. Hence, exploring the beautiful destination of Tanzania with our guides & forest rangers will not be a problem for you.

It is not good to judge a country & the entire continent as well as its inhabitants based on some misconceptions. To know the truth, it will be better to know them personally by going for Tanzania Safari Tours or gather knowledge about them based on some real facts that exist in the public domain like documentary films based on people & lives of Africa. Just visit us @ rhinoexplorer.com/.

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