8 Incredible Reasons To Know Before Plan Your Exotic Zanzibar Beach Holidays

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There are numerous islands around the world and only some of them are known as the pleasure islands, Zanzibar archipelago is one of them.

There are numerous islands around the world and only some of them are known as the pleasure islands, Zanzibar archipelago is one of them. So our Zanzibar offers extravagant beach holidays for every intrepid traveller coming to this island to get relieved from the stresses of his life and he is also quite true.  

Many might not deny the fact that the name ‘Zanzibar’ immediately stirs-up numerous colorful images in the mind that starts from beautiful & mesmerizing beaches to the legendary stone town and many more.   

But, seriously, your Zanzibar Beach Holidays is going to be more than just romantic coastlines for couples & beautiful sunsets for beachgoers. Seriously, it is going to be more than that:-   


Gratifying Beaches All Over The Zanzibar Archipelago


a) There is a reason why people want to go for Zanzibar Holidays after a pleasant safari tour in Tanzania. This island is known for numerous relaxing beaches, soothing weather as well as warm steamy waters.

b) This archipelago is famous among the tourists coming from all corners of the world for its warm & pleasant waters, coral reefs & for its rich marine diversity. All the ingredients are required to turn it into a perfect destination for snorkeling& diving.

c) It is safe to say that Zanzibar as an island is full of options for various types of people such as nature lovers, culture vultures & adventures.


Zanzibar Archipelago


Energetic Culture & Architecture Telling Stories Of Many Great Legacies


a) All the people who are visiting the island can also go through its colorful history & rich heritage which has blended so easily with other prominent cultures such as Arabic, Indian, African, Persian and European influences and adds a vivacious dimension to the island.

b) You can also find their blended rich history embedded in their architectural structures & walls such as mosques and houses mingled to create this charming destination.

c) You can also witness old mansions & palaces such as House of Wonders, the old Turkish Baths, as well as lively bazaars, market stalls, and shops.



Tempting Food Made Up Of Spices


a) If you are coming for the first time for spending your Zanzibar Beach Holidays you can also take time off from the beaches and visit the spice island which is known for farming & processing of aromatic spices like cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemongrass, and black pepper.

b) The visit to these plantations will make you fall in love with these spices and after knowing the hidden secrets of these spices you will get inspired to start leading a healthy lifestyle by consuming just herbal-based foodstuff.

c) Some of these spices such as turmeric are not just known for spicing up food to give an enhanced taste but are also known for their medicinal values that possess the capability of healing the body internally.



One-Stop Destination For Romance


a) After going through the fields of aromatic spices now it’s time to go somewhere romantic on the islands to give a lovely meaning to your Zanzibar Beach Holidays especially with your loved one if you are on a honeymoon trip.

b) It’s a perfect place to spice things up by going for a long walk on the beach, relax beside the water & drink cocktails as the sunsets. Zanzibar is, of course, a popular honeymoon & wedding destination.

c) Moreover, you can also give this romantic destination a specific twist such as taking your immediate family or partner to a spa or help her/him to join a yoga class in Zanzibar.



Paradise For Scuba Divers & Numerous Marine Adventures


If exploring the underwater marine world is in your bucket list then Zanzibar is the exact location where you have landed. The heavenly land of Zanzibar has some of the world’s most spectacular dive sights which every diver will always crave for.

The prominent, as well as the adjacent islands such as Unguja Island, Pemba Island, Mafia Island, Bawe, and Changuu&Chumbe Island, are some of the most exciting dive spots.

In all these destinations, you can indulge in scores of deep-sea activities such as scuba diving, deep-sea fishing & Kayaking as well as sailing on traditional wooden dhows. 



Water Sports Activities


a) There are some other waterborne activities such as swimming &snorkeling in search of tropical fish amongst the coral or just go windsurfing, kite-boarding, water skiing & island hopping.

b) These water-based sports will help you in regenerating your lost vigor& energy. It will assist you in going back to your home & job with not just remarkable memories but also with a fresh mind with lots of innovative ideas that will soar you to some new heights.

c) In case, you want to learn the skill the diving or snorkeling you can also approach some of the affordable training schools which can help you in your endeavor.



The Glory Of Local Food Markets & The Native’s Love For Sea Food


a) While strolling around the streets, the local markets & restaurants around the Stone Town & other villages situated on the island also offers a feast of fresh seafood. It is a treat that is worth experiencing.

b) You can enjoy these culinary delights in numerous ways such as fresh fish cooked on open fires on the beach to Lobster Thermidor at one of the finest hotels of Zanzibar.

c) Apart from that, you can also add spices to various traditional flavors& twists. Your taste buds will get awakened & constantly tantalized by the wide variety of the foodstuff.



Pleasant Dhows



Zanzibar has a long & enriched history and known for having the biggest slave market in the past as well as a base for voyaging traders & businessmen leading to the introduction of traditional dhows for importing & exporting goods & slaves.

These traditional dhows still exist today but their purpose has drastically changed. Instead of carrying slaves & spices, nowadays, it carries only fun-loving tourists.

You can enjoy a nice ride of the Indian Ocean covered with blue & pleasant waters. Are you still thinking about the odds? No, you must not.

Zanzibar is the only place where you can spend your Zanzibar Beach Holidays with all the energy & excitement because it is one of the affordable islands that you can visit during your tours. No other tour spot on our planet is going to give the chance of pleasure as the Zanzibar Archipelago does. For more information Just visit us rhinoexplorer.com to explore this great place.

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