Why Population of Rhinos Is Declining & What Can Be Done To Revive Them

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There was a time when Rhinos used to command huge numbers just like all other common animals do in the forests currently.

Why Population of Rhinos Is Declining & What Can Be Done To Revive Them

There was a time when Rhinos used to command huge numbers just like all other common animals do in the forests currently. But in the current situation, there are five species of rhinos that are still remaining in this world and out of them three species are in critically endangered list meaning they face a high chance of extinction.

Even during your Tanzania Safari Tours, you will meet with the same situation at National Park in Tanzania as well were watching Black rhinos is a scarcity due to constant poaching. But due to strict conservation efforts & rearing of their offsprings of Rhinos has stabilised the situation in Tanzania.  

Anyway, the numbers are increasing due to strict monitoring of rhinos with conservation policies executed by the Tanzanian government along with the help of several domestic & international foundations such as African Wildlife Foundation, World Wildlife Organisation & several others who are trying very hard to bring the situation under control.


Future of Rhinos is Bleak without Help & Protection


Future of Rhinos is Bleak without Help & Protection

Rhinos are facing a precarious situation and because of constant poaching & lack of awareness among people. All of it started after the onset of 20th century when westerners’ settlers mostly of European origin started settling in Africa and started the hobby of hunting animals.

Because of this practice, the population of rhinos especially the black ones in Africa & Tanzania dropped to a sobering 98%. It is a huge fall and most of the nations in the world are still not serious about it.

Moreover, poaching is also so rampant that almost all the species of rhinos are on the verge of extinction. If the situation is still not contained when there is time then there will be a situation when travelers coming for Tanzania Safari Tours they will not get the chance to see even one rhino roaming in the jungles.    

Rhinos are not getting their due because several world governments are really not taking their situation seriously and they are not even funding the organizations that are working tirelessly to protect the rhinos from extinction.


Why Rhinos Are Hunted So Vigorously?  


Why Rhinos Are Hunted So Vigorously?

There is a strong reason why Rhinos are poached so rampantly. They are murdered brutally for their horns. In countries like China, Rhino horns are used for making traditional Chinese medicines and according to the traditional doctors based in China, The powder made out of these horns helps in curing numerous ailments and diseases. They also claim that this traditional medicine is quite effective to date. Due to such beliefs in numerous countries in Eastern Asia, the illegal business of hunting rhinos & smuggling their horns are thriving until now.

Additionally, political instability and corruption is another big reason that is providing room for these poachers in conducting illegal business. Numerous states in Africa are either facing an imminent threat of a coup, armed rebellion, war & ethnic cleansing or massacres and due to such grave situations, nobody is going to bother about conserving rhinos or other forms of wildlife. Such a situation is conducive for wildlife criminals to indulge in rampant poaching freely & fearlessly

Even the failing law and order situation in almost all the countries of the world is also the reason for such rampant poaching and hunting. Even if the poachers are caught they are given just two months of imprisonment or a fine that the poachers can pay easily. Apart from that, the main kingpins of the trade are never caught even if they are caught; they easily get away by using their connections.

The Rhinos are also losing their habitat during constant deforestation because of increase in population in numerous parts of Tanzania. Locals who are living near the rhino habitats are forced to cut down trees to cultivate the land for farming. Rhinos also face the threat of contracting diseases from humans because of their growing proximity to the areas where these rhinos live peacefully.


Laws for Protecting Rhinos


Laws for Protecting Rhinos

With the increase of awareness among the locals and several governments of Africa such as Tanzania, Numerous things are changing quite drastically. Now in a changing environment, these rhinos have several legal protections. It helps travelers still have a chance to watch some rhinos in parks like Serengeti while on Tanzania Safari.

The Next In Line is The Wildlife Conservation Act of Tanzania that prohibits anyone from hunting animals especially black rhinos in the protected game reserves, safari parks, and areas that are under direct government control.

The wildlife conservation act also prohibits smuggling of the trophies including the horns of Rhinos that are traded by the poachers and smugglers. Through this specific act, criminals are also penalized heavily to stop this crime. Even some corporate organizations like Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species has also tried to play its part for banning illegal trade of horns of rhinos & other organs.


Measures Steps Taken To Protect Them


Measures Steps Taken To Protect Them

For saving Rhinos, locals’ people, governments as well as numerous worldwide organizations are taking several measures. Due to the availability of funds through wildlife tourism & donation, it is now possible for the local Tanzanians to maintain canine units consisting of trained dogs across all the conservation projects where Rhinos are present in large numbers.

These canine units help a lot in apprehending poachers through tracking & detection. Funds are also raised for planned & emergency veterinary doctors to look after Rhinos that is getting either sick or getting injured.

Furthermore, finances are also used to rear even the baby rhinos for increasing their mortality rate and helping them for surviving in the jungle with longer period. The keepers of the conservation areas are getting resources now that will strengthen the efforts in protecting rhinos.


Effective Deterrents to Stop Killing Of Rhinos


Effective Deterrents to Stop Killing Of Rhinos

The first effective way to stop poaching is to eradicate corruption from the system. It is the real truth most of the countries including Tanzania are poor and such a situation works as a back door for people with nefarious intentions to corrupt the whole system & administration.

Moreover, most of the wildlife staff & rangers responsible for protecting rhinos are heavily underpaid. Such a situation compels them to earn some extra bucks by joining hands with poachers and helping them with lots of inside information such as where the rhinos can be exactly spotted or exact location where the rangers are patrolling. Such vital information comes in handy in the hands of poachers to make a killing effectively

Such a deal is worth the risk, so locals indulge in poaching easily. Locals must have to be provided with better opportunities to earn livelihood otherwise the situation is never going to improve. Apart from that, authorities can also use some modern methods such as perimeter-based fencing, ground-based technology to monitor rhinos, aerial-based technology to get the data in real-time, animal tagging technology, etc.   

The task in hand is mountainous and if nothing is done in time then the era of Rhinos will come to an end in the modern age and there is no way anyone can reverse that clock. So, right now prevention is better the cure so that tourists can enjoy the Tanzania Safari by watching Rhinos in plenty. Even tourists can play their part in saving rhinos by contributing to the cause of saving rhinos. Just visit us @ rhinoexplorer.com/

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