Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania in Africa is your definite choice to summarize your harmonious African safari. Tanzania have spectacular destinations for wildlife, beautiful bird species, stunning landscapes, evergreen forest nature, endless grassy plains, lost world and cultures of ancient Africans, precious germ stones and pure beautiful beaches of the world. With the warmth welcoming of heart, soul and spirit Tanzanians are good friends, hospitality and caring is our soul blood. Truth be told, Tanzania have everything about wildlife tourism attractions. Most safe country in Africa, famous as the peaceful park of wildlife adventures.

Rhino Explorer lead you to the peak of Africa "mount Kilimanjaro" the dormant volcanic mountain caped by the snow to the savannah plains of Serengeti for wildebeest migration via Lake Manyara flouved by pink flamingos then descending the Ngorongoro magical crater and the Olduvai Gorge to witness the evidence of skulls and borne of early hominids, ascend to most beautiful Arusha National Park via Mto wa Mbu to entertain African local activities before Zanzibar to smell the sweet clove aroma and breeze on the pure white diamond beaches.

Tanzania is the most beautiful of African continent.Don't miss walking tour to the active volcanic mountain named Oldonyo Lengai , higher waterfalls and lake Natron covered by flamingos via Maasai villages with the professional Maasai warrior guide managed by your beloved company, Rhino Explorer Tours & Safaris. Tanzania is around 25 degree of centigrade. Tanzanite Mines the precious gemstone only found in Tanzania nowhere else in the world, branding after our nation. With a cool semi-equatorial climate as varied as her landscape, Tanzania offers visitors a wealth of natural adventures.

With a warmth and friendly welcome of all her hospitality citizen, makes Tanzania a super destination for your holiday in Africa.

Most favorite destinations

  • Visit Ngorongoro Conservation area the UNESCO world site heritage seeing flamingos, spectacular Ngorongoro Crater, the big five includes the rear seen black rhino and Olduvai Gorge.
  • Seeing the endless plains of Serengeti National Park, witness the annual wildebeest migration, abundance of wildlife especially the big mammals.
  • Tarangire national park the home of elephants migrations, over 500 bird species and ancient Baobab trees.
  • The home of climbing trees lions and flamingo lakes in Lake Manyara National park.
  • The beautiful Arusha National Park see the giraffe, black and white colobus and buffalo under the slopes of Mount Meru with an additional of walking safaris.
  • Trekking the summit of Africa capped by snow, the mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Oldonyo Lengai the active volcanic mountain.
  • Primate safaris to Tanzania through the western circuit at Gombe nationala park encounter chimpanzee and more similar species.
  • Lake Natron is world famous for its breeding Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor and largest flamingos, of which about half a million pairs regularly visit the lake for nesting and raising their young. There are also large numbers of other water birds, both migratory and resident. There are natural wonder of stone birds in Lake Natron due to its high level of sodium carbonate. Lake Natron is located near Oldonyo Lengai mountain.
  • The white diamond beaches of Zanzibar is exiting and incredible not to miss.

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