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Why To Book With Rhino

Well Experienced Guides Ever:

Excellent safari guides. We are proud of our excellent legend and professional guides, they are always unbeatable. While other guides from competitors asking where are animals. They are well experienced to take clients to the less explored areas of the parks where competitors shouldn’t. Your guide knows all the focal point during the game drive.

Excellent mountaineers. Thank you our legend climbers for belly breathing tactics, climb up and sleep down all are our mountain guides tactics to make summit successful in ease.

Our safari and climbing experts speaks English, or German, or Spanish and or French. Our skilled professionals were selected by us from a pool of the very best local guides. They receive extensive training in Travel and Tourism, first aid, mountain rescue, beach and water safety, and wild animal behavior. They are among the most passionate, well talented and respected professionals in the industry, with years of experience and successful trips to the destinations we operate.

Get Best Value:

At RHINO budget means optimal and quality not poor!!!.

We offers optimal valued service for African wildlife safari and mountain trekking holidays and trips in Tanzania. We provide what most visitors want; a safe and successful journey. Most of vehicles are owned by Rhino Explorer, and our guides are employees, not contractors. Flexibility is a major feature when building your tour with us, putting your money where you want it to count.

Stay Safe:

Rhino Explorer is attentive to safety measures and takes responsibility for our client very seriously. Our professional guides are trained and skilled specifically for their adventure. They explain to you the precautions and measures, be it for mountain climbing, safari exploration, or beach excursions. They are prepared to prevent, detect, and treat altitude sickness and other expedition situations, and employ modern rescue measures and evacuation plans in case of any emergencies.

Transparency & Caring: We are accountable and take responsibility for our guest, our environment, and the communities in which we operate. Our policy is very open and transparent about our operation. If you have a question, just ask! All money distributed within the community as follows.

1. 90% goes specifically to Tanzania National Park fees

2. 2% informal humanitarian and local community

3. 8% operational cost

Thus, 99% of the money we receive is to support local economy and protect nature

Quality Equipment & Gear: We use modern, high-quality and hygiene camping equipment, we choose highly rated lodging and facilities to keep our clients as comfortable and safe as possible while on adventures with us. Our mountain gear is warm, waterproof, spacious, and perfectly suited for the rigors of Adventures. We provide thick foam sleeping bags, mattress, tents, chairs etc. Mountain gear is comprehensive and known name brands. You can rent with us, rucksacks, daypacks, Mount Bell sleeping bags rated to -25 degrees, balaclavas, heavy and light ponchos, socks, duffel bags, hiking poles, ankle gaiters, sweaters, torch/headlamps, flashlights, gloves, sunglass, hiking boots, water bottles, fleece pants, warm down jackets, hats, and neck scarfs.

Excellent Safari Vehicle:

We have extended 4x4 land cruiser safari vehicles with 8 window seats made suitable for long drive and pop up roof to maximize your game watching and captures. We are proud to be one of the best fast growing operators in the region with a reputation for providing an exceptional, unforgettable, and safe experience.


All food and drink provided on expeditions such as safari and mountain are fresh. Our chefs prepare delicious meals with fresh, local ingredients. These meals are nutritious and calorie dense, specifically designed to sustain the pleasure of our clients while on adventures. We also cater to all special dietary requirements.

Accommodations: We choose optimal, most rated, well comfortable and focal located campsite, hotels, lodges or tented camps to accommodate our clients. We have simple but high standard and hygiene camping gears from tents, sleeping pads to dinning apparatus.

Welcoming: We want our guests to feel at home so that when they leave they want to return again and again. We treat our clients at the airport upon arrival and are with them every step of the way.

Porters and Guide Welfare. We take porter welfare very seriously and do our best to ensure our staff is treated well. We comply with all established guidelines on porter wages and welfare by respective National authority. We pay our porters more than the set standard compensation. Our porters have proper food and shelter, and their loads are restricted to reasonable weight limits, which we measure in our hotel and confirm with park authority when we reach respective gate/entry point.

Honest: We believe in being honest with our partners, our staff, and our guests. We do not over promise. We are transparent about for what our customers pay. We do not tolerate stealing from our guests or each other in any shape or form.

Trusted Experts: We have over 5 years experience in the Tanzanian safari and trekking business. We continually develop our expertise by learning from our guides, our partners such as TANAPA, KINAPA, TTB, NCAA, TALA and TATO, our guests, and our retailers. We have worked with many of our retailers, agents and communities for well. We have clients which use us a trusted partner for their trips and passions. We do what we promised to do.

Easy of bookings:

  • Book with confidence
  • Book anytime you are willing
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • All currency accepted
  • Cash accepted
  • Last minutes bookings accepted.

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